Helpful Hints

Below are a few helpful hints for the purpose of passing on our 40+ years of experience in the tennis industry:

1) Restring your racquet as many times per year as you play per week, i.e., if you play twice a week, you should restring twice a year. If you play three times per week, then restring three times per year.

2) Over Grips: over grips are a thin “top dressing” for your base grip. Over grips should be changed often as they are not meant to last. They add less than 1/16th to your grip size. The base grip is 5/16 of the circumference of your handle.

3) When purchasing a tennis racquet, if in doubt, purchase the smaller size handle. We can always make the handle larger, but seldom is it possible to make the handle smaller.

4) Proper grip size: If you hold the racquet with a forehand grip, the index finger of your opposite hand should fit in the gap between the end of your fingers and your palm comfortably. The age-old adage is to to use the largest grip that you can comfortably grasp. This minimizes racquet torque from off-center hits and a need for a death-grip on the handle. The most common cause of arm and elbow injuries is the use of too small of a grip.

5) Should our inventory not include any item you desire, we are always happy to attempt to special order any item, depending on the availability from the supplier.

6) Not sure which exact racquet or shoe to give as a gift? We have gift certificates available!